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Find all the pleasure of the gastronomy to Italian with the Pizzas, Pastes, salads and other flavours on your premise, with the service of Pastes, Salads and Pizzas to carry Piazza.

Order to the 03 29 08 35 29

For a fast service, think of ordering in advance:

- As of 10:00, for the service of midday
- As of 18:00, for the service of the evening




Siren : 493 760 110 - La Piazza - 171 Rue François de Neufchateau - 88140 BULGNEVILLE - Tél. : 03 29 08 35 29

Discover the restaurant Pizzeria the Piazza in Bulgneville in the Vosges 88.
This cordial restaurant proposes pizzas house to you, at the restaurant pizzeria or in version pizzas to be carried.
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